Andalusia banning barbecues in forest areas.
If you like barbecues in the countryside, it is important to know that from today, June 1, until October 15, 2009, the Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia forbids barbecues in forest areas by order of May 21, 2009. However, there are exceptions, you can continue to allow their traditional barbecue and family, without risk of causing a forest fire or who receives a fine for breaching this order. These include campsites in the Andalusian Federation of Campings who have received authorization from the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Environment of the province. If you are a camper, you probably already knew this, and if not in the habit of approaching the campsites, you can have a good reason to know one way and see the many other advantages of spending a few days camping. In any case, it is advisable to check beforehand if the campsite has such authorization.

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