Draft Luxury Camping in Malaha (Granada)

In the village of La Malaha (Granada), the local government (UI) has authorized the establishment of a campsite equipped with 150 luxury bungalows, as well as an equestrian center, which coupled with the thermal complex projects in the municipality, thus transformed into an important focus of attraction for travelers. The complex of 115,000 square meters, will seat 4,200 people for employment, and will feature 150 bungalows, 700 beds and 157 campsites for caravans and generate hundreds of jobs.

The facility shall also be equipped with an artificial lake of 2,500 square meters using German technology for the purification of natural water, "through plants and rocks," so "does not require chlorine or similar treatments. Thus, offered to bathers an ecosystem similar to a river. The facilities will be provided with day care, parks and pools for both parents and children enjoy the surroundings.

Being a complex category of luxury in their units will be offered health care through a medical service and nursing, which will add all kinds of establishments such as restaurants, gift shops, clothing, agencies travel, hairdressers and a supermarket. The management of these businesses are conducted through franchise, it will be offered to those interested in directing. The development company that has the requisite permits, seeking funding for the project.


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